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The Kiwanis Club of Potsdam's main focus is on the children of the community.  With this in mind, our club has charted the following youth programs in the schools of the Potsdam Community:

Clarkson University Circle K - the Clarkson Circle K has been around for a long time.  The students at Clarkson University have dedicated their time, what little of it they have, to making their college community and the Potsdam community a better place for the students to live.  They have their own projects that they do on campus and they help us with ours when we need it.  These are the leaders of our future.

Potsdam High School Key Club - the Potsdam High School Key Club has been off and on for a long time.  Chartered most recently in 2008 and they have been going strong ever since. One of the most popular events they host is the Talent Show held at the end of each year.  The Key Club conducts projects every month, sometimes weekly.  Projects depend on needs identified by the school and/or local community.

AA Kingston Middle School Builders Club - the AAK Middle School Builders Club was established in 2012. The middle school students meet each week on Thursday's after school. Members learn about leadership styles, strengthen their speaking skills, participate in team-building and leadership activities to improve their confidence and begin to strengthen their dedication to service and citizenship within the school and community. Officers run each meeting and students vote on projects they will participate in. Projects depend on needs identified by the school and/or the local community. One popular project is the collaboration with the Potsdam Parent Teacher Student Association to give out Welcome Bags to incoming 5th graders to help with the transition to middle school. Members also give tours during the 5th grade orientation.

Lawrence Avenue Elementary Kiwanis-Kids - the Lawrence Avenue K-Kids was established in 2002 and was the first K-Kids to be established in the New York District and the St. Lawrence Division Kiwanis.  K-Kids meet each week on Thursday's after school. The elementary students learn how to run meetings and plan projects that meet the school and/or community needs.  These students are hard working and more than willing to help their community in many various ways.  The kids acknowledge their teachers by adopting secret teachers, and leaving baskets of goodies for the teachers and staff.  They present gifts and cards to our service workers and administrative assistants in the school.


We choose an Every Day Hero - a member of our community who goes above and beyond volunteering and exemplifies the Objects of Kiwanis 

Each year we recognize our outgoing President with a small token of appreciation.  I believe this is one of our more important awards, as our presidents have a thankless job an little recognition.

This is the most prestigious award given to a Kiwanian at the local level.  This is presented to a Kiwanian who worked deli gently on the majority of our projects and exemplifies the spirit of Kiwanis.  


This award is presented to a Kiwanian who serves above and beyond the qualities of a Kiwanian. 

This award is presented to a Kiwanis member who upholds the objects of Kiwanis.  They work in the background and are responsible for keeping the spirit of Kiwanis in the fore front of our purpose,


Our Secretary keeps track of everyone's attendance.  He/She goes through every meeting and marks everyone's attendance for the year.  At the end, he/she counts the number of meetings that were missed and adds up all the projects each member attends and this gives us the perfect attendance award.  I know that this does not seem possible , but there are a few of our members that are so devoted (okay - some of us theorize that we get perfect attendance because we have nothing more to do with our lives :o) to Kiwanis that they attend meetings and projects diligently.

Legion of Merit signifies the number of years by 5 year markers for service to Kiwanis.  After 25 years of service, it will be the Legion of Honor award.